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Ambassador Global Chauffeur has been a trusted transportation provider in the Atlanta region for decades. Serving ATL – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, we provide exceptional ground transportation for individual business travelers to large groups arriving or departing Atlanta International airport and all Atlanta regional and private airports.

We offer luxury sedans, stretch limousines, passenger vans, shuttle/mini buses, motor coaches and our professional staff are known for dependability and flexibility. We make your travel experience safe and enjoyable.

Ambassador Global Chauffeur Limousines offers a 5% discount off of your return trip to or from the airport when booked online at the same time.

Our chauffeur sister company

And, If you happen to be traveling to Charlotte North Carolina, contact our sister company: A Step Above Limousine.

Ayman Ambassador Global Chauffeur

Ayman, Founder/Owner/Operator
A Step Above Limousine & Ambassador Global Chauffeur

Life as an entrepreneur began very early for Ayman, starting before he could even drive. “There was a convention in town and my dad and best friend asked me to be the greeter at the airport. I started making money and wanted to do it more.” When he turned 16-years-old, he began driving and stayed in the luxury transportation business ever since.

Ayman was the youngest limo driver in the state of Georgia to get a license and spent the next few years in Atlanta driving exotic limos-Navigators, Excursions, and Hummers. He continued driving and learned the industry from the inside out until he opened his first professional transportation business.

Ayman has built a solid team of leaders in both Atlanta and Charlotte and everyone upholds the impeccable standards on which the company was built. Clients in both cities receive a level of attention and caring about clients that includes knowing them by name rather than by number. “We focus on the personal touch for clients’ experiences.” The vehicles in both fleets are excellent, if not brand new, in brand new condition. “We take care of our vehicles, through detailing and maintenance. Safety is a number one priority.”

As the industry has evolved, Ayman has made sure his business standards have as well. “I’ve been around this industry when we used bag phones and map books. The evolution of technology has made it easier and more efficient, but it’s taken some of the prestige out of this industry. Rideshare has taken some of the prestige out of it. You think of that white glove service, opening the door, we make sure the integrity remains in tact. We properly train our chauffeurs and make sure they are high-level professionals who have proper work ethic and discretion. Other companies are just trying to get by. We push our team to go to the next level, because we’re are the best.”

He launched A Step Above Limousine in Charlotte and five years later expanded to Atlanta with Ambassador Global Chauffeur. “There are different types of people in each city, they have different mentalities. It’s challenging being in both cities, 250-miles apart, to provide the personal attention we hold as a standard, but I’m still young and hip and I can manage it,” he says laughingly.

Staff in the Spotlight

Stephen, Atlanta Executive Lead Chauffeur

As a native Atlantan, few people have done more trips around the ATL than Stephen. “Generations of my family are from Atlanta. For my regular clients, I know their addresses, and have an internal GPS of the city,” he said. “Traffic is Atlanta’s middle name. It’s the only thing I don’t love about the job, but I always stay one step ahead.” Stephen worked for a brokerage firm right out of college and quickly learned he didn’t want to sit in an office all day. “I’d rather be a road warrior,” he said. He started his own hospital courier business shuttling sterile equipment, blood supplies, and delivering after hours and in emergency situations. “I’ve always been in the transportation world. It’s always been something different everyday. I’ve never been in an accident, knock on wood. I always avoid the bad drivers.” Stephen, like all the staff at Ambassador Global Chauffeur, holds everyone on the team accountable and treats this business as his own. From professional dress, to new vehicles, to punctuality, standards are in place to ensure high-end experiences. “If I ever see anything on a trip plan that could cause problems, even if it’s someone else’s trip, I raise questions. I take this personally and don’t want anyone to have a bad experience. This is the best place I’ve ever worked, they care about their clients.” Stephen is also a professional photographer, working behind a camera since he was a teenager, and has had his work exhibited.

Tom, Atlanta Executive Chauffeur

Tom’s first job, at 8-years-old, was delivering The New York Daily news to neighbors in his Brooklyn community. “I love connecting with people. Everyone has a story if you’re willing to listen,” he says. Tom’s career led him into the corporate world where he worked in IT for the health insurance industry. “Insurance focused a lot of importance on confidentiality and timeliness,” Tom explains. And those two important skill sets are vital to his role as a trusted chauffeur for Ambassador Global.

Since first joining the team in 2013, Tom is proud his clients trust him not just with their own safety, but also their family’s. “The biggest compliment is a business client who books me to take care of their 85-year-old mother. Or they call and say their daughter is coming home from college or their grandchildren are visiting from out of town and they ask me to ensure their transportation needs are met.”

Most of his career, Tom has been in jobs where a high-level of customer service is necessary and he exceeds in those environments. “They expect me to get them where they need to be in a timely and safe manner. But I also like creating and developing experiences for people, telling them about Atlanta, pointing out the landmarks, showing them the new stadium. Business clients like to hear about development. Traffic is always the most frustrating part so I try to make their time enjoyable.”

Sometimes clients share stories that impacted their lives and sometimes stories about their lives. Tom reflects on the client who shared a tragic story about her son whose death made national headlines and that of the woman who told of her life as a makeup executive in New York when she was younger. “You need the intuition, and not everybody has it, to see when a client wants to share and open up and when they’re in their own space.”

Donovan, Atlanta Executive Chauffeur

From having his own television show, to being appointed to two committees by the Mayor of Boston, to founding a non-profit, to being a certified referee for the State of Georgia, Donovan knows each of those career pathways shares similar skillsets that benefit Ambassador Global Chauffeur clients. “Being a ref, you understand the value of keeping everything under control. I control everything I have to do. I’m responsible for the pre-route, traffic hazards we could run into, and the client’s needs.” The Governor of Massachusetts, city council, and neighborhood groups knew they could turn to Donovan for help in the community. “People had solutions, but I was the clarifier.” He founded and started a non-profit in Boston which he ran for 30 years.

Donovan worked for a ride-share company when he first moved to Atlanta to get to know the city and logged more than 20,000 rides. “Now I’m working at a nicer level and have top quality clients.” His wife, Nancy, prepares his clothes every morning to help him have what he needs to be successful and to be on time. “On time for me,” he says, “is 30 minutes early. I have a CEO mentality and I bring that attitude to make sure I can take care of the client.”

Latoya, Lead Dispatch, A Step Above Limousine & Ambassador Global Chauffeur

Like many people, Latoya searched for her calling and tried a lot of jobs on for size. She worked as a manager, worked at an auto auction, worked for Coca-Cola, did meal prep at a retirement home, but in 2011 she got a job as a dispatcher, “And I haven’t stopped since,” she declares.

Her Oklahoma City accent comes through over the phone from time to time, and so does her attention to detail and her impeccable ability to listen. “We listen to what you want and need to book. If you tell us the wrong date and day, we’ll catch it. I’m going to provide you the perfect, personal and professional service you need,” she says.

When Latoya found her first job as a dispatcher, she was managing transportation for women who were receiving government benefits and needed transportation to get to work. Then she moved to doing dispatch for the Medicaid program, and then onto transportation for the elderly population. But she really learned to master the job when she worked as a dispatcher for 30 limousine companies at the same time. “Dispatching is a calling because I know so much about it. Working for 30 different companies, I learned all the software, I taught other people and I trained other people,” she said. Now, she’s lead dispatcher for two limousine companies under the same owner, A Step Above Limousine which services the Charlotte region and Global Ambassador Chauffeur which services the Atlanta region.
She ensures customers are happy but she also says a big part of her success is making sure her drivers are happy. “I was a driver in the past, so I know their challenges. I communicate with them. It’s about being a good team leader, knowing how to control a stressful situation, and details. You have to be good to the drivers. I call them and I always tell them to be careful. And they appreciate that, because someone cares.”

Some clients call after another company failed to deliver services, Latoya sees that as an opportunity to show her organization rises above the rest. “You make the customer feel wanted on the phone and then when they get with the driver, the driver makes them feel special and they’re happy and comfortable. From the dispatcher to the driver, you’re going to get where you’re going safely, quickly, and professionally, and we get those good reviews.”

Now, she’s lead dispatcher for two limousine companies under the same owner, A Step Above Limousine which services the Charlotte region and Ambassador Global Chauffeur which services the Atlanta region.

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Conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia and serving surrounding cities

Call Ambassador Global Chauffeur Today at 404-621-2544 or Reserve Online Now

Conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia and serving surrounding cities