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Renting an Atlanta motor coach is not something that most people think about until, well, they really need to transport a large group of people. Unlike hiring a small car for yourself, reserving a vehicle for group transportation tends to come with a few extra hurdles. Being responsible for 50+ people is going to make planning more tedious than being responsible for only yourself.

Luckily for you, Ambassador Global Chauffeur aims to make the rental experience as simple as possible for groups of all sizes. No matter the type of trip or your level of experience in the Atlanta motor coach industry, Ambassador global Chauffeur will help you eliminate the hassle often associated with booking motorcoaches in Atlanta.

Read on to learn how Ambassador Global Chauffeur charter bus is making Atlanta motor coach booking easy for its customers.

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1.     Allowing Customers to Book Atlanta Motor Coach In Advance

Nothing will put a damper on your travel plans faster than determining that there are no motorcoaches left to rent during your intended time frame. When it comes to the Atlanta motor coach industry, there is generally more demand than there is supply.

By allowing customers to book their rides in advance, Ambassador Global Chauffeur ensures that none of its customers have to postpone their travel arrangements because of vehicle unavailability.

2.     Payment Security

Having to put down a large deposit over the phone – or through the mail – can be extremely nerve-wracking, and rightfully so. You have probably heard stories of scammers swindling renters out of payments and deposits by asking them to give credit card information over the phone or to send in the money through the mail.

For years now, making payments secure has been one of Ambassador Global Chauffeur’s priorities. Offering maximum payment security, Ambassador Global Chauffeur ensures that customers can book an Atlanta motor coach without having to worry about losing their money.

3.     No Hidden Costs

Most travelers prefer to limit their travel expenses to a specific budget. It is often frustrating when you carefully plan your budget, only to learn that you will incur extra costs in addition to the ones included in the quotation.

Ambassador Global Chauffeur is very forthcoming when it comes to Atlanta motor coach rental costs. The company calculates the costs after understanding your trip details. A quotation from Ambassador Global Chauffeur shows the total amount that customers need to pay for their trip.

4.     Helping Customers Choose the Right Atlanta Motor Coach

Different trips will result in varying needs for the customers inside the Atlanta motor coach. By taking the time to understand customers’ needs, Ambassador Global Chauffeur helps customers choose the right motorcoach model for their trip.

When customers need to be on the road for more than 3 hours, for example, a motorcoach model with heated and reclining seats that allow them to catch a snooze can make the trip extra fun. Also, for long trips, an Atlanta motor coach with restrooms is ideal.

5.     Remote Booking

Customers do not have to visit the Ambassador Global Chauffeur’s offices to book an Atlanta motor coach. The company has worked extra hard to improve convenience.

Customers can book their ride via phone call or email. Also, Customers can fill out a simple form on the company’s website to book their Atlanta motor coach.

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Ambassador Global Chauffeur guarantees maximum comfort and luxury with its motorcoaches. The company has 2020 J4500 MCI motorcoaches which have a capacity of 56 passengers. Coming with reclining seats, WI-FI, flatscreen TVs, and stereo systems, the motor coaches make group transportation fun and entertaining.